Getting Started With Shiitake Mushrooms

Growing some of your own food is an important early step in homesteading: growing your own mushrooms puts you on an entirely different level of self sufficiency. For beginners, shiitakes are a simple mushroom to learn to cultivate. And they are delicious! Rich in ‘umami’ flavor, shiitakes have an outstanding meaty texture when sauteed, broiled, baked or grilled. Popular in Asia for centuries, they are quickly gaining traction in American markets. Beyond taste, shiitakes are also gaining recognition for their health benefits.

Ian’s been wanting to raise mushrooms for a while now. If he could have his way our whole property would be turned into one big mushroom farm. For once I was the voice of reason and encouraged him to start considerably smaller. And so, for this year we are sticking with shiitakes. If these do well for us maybe Ian will get his mushroom farm after all.

Read more here.


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