A Guide to Meat Rabbits: A Sustainable Food Source

Confession time.

We’ve been eating rabbit. Lots of it.

Ian butchered our rabbits several weeks ago, and since then we have eaten them grilled, curried and  stewed. Every meal has been delicious so far and we even managed to serve some to our adventurous friends over Labor Day. I love the slightly gamey taste of our rabbits and the fact that each one is a perfect portion for two people. Our first livestock have been a complete success!

Butchering our first animals is a BIG DEAL. So why hasn’t it made it into this blog yet?

Frankly, I’ve been a little nervous about the reception. If you think bunnies are too fluffy and cute to be eaten, you’re in the majority. I’ve gotten some nasty comments in the past about our home-raised meat goals, and it taught me the perils of oversharing on the internet.

But I’m ready to open up. I’m not ashamed of our food source, and keeping quiet makes it seem like I am. In reality, I think that meat rabbits are an incredible way to raise that people everywhere should take advantage of. And I’m ready to share what we know.

If you’re interested in raising your own meat rabbits someday, this article will be a comprehensive place to start. Have any questions about the process? Ask me in the comments and I’ll get back to you right away.

Read more here.


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