RXBAR Review

Consumers are increasingly concerned about the ingredients in what they eat, and the RXBAR is one of many energy bars on the market today designed to make this decision easier.

According to the company website, these bars are designed to be as transparent on the outside as they are healthy on the inside. Each bar’s packaging highlights exactly what ingredients it contains, drawing attention specifically to what it doesn’t include, like dairy, soy, added sugars, gluten and artificial ingredients.

RXBARs got their start in CrossFit culture as a whole food alternative to processed protein bars, and the name “RX” comes from the CrossFit term for completing a workout to a high standard, which the company has appropriated to symbolize that they don’t cut corners.

The website makes it clear that they won’t make over-the-top claims about their bars or advertise them as a prescription for stellar health. Instead, they chose to be transparent about the ingredients they use to help consumers make more informed snack choices.

Do RXBARs live up to their pure food claims? Let’s look through the ingredients list to find out.

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