13 Reasons You Should Brew A Cup Of Dandelion Tea

It’s time to look at your lawn in a new way. Where you once saw just an invasion of weeds, now you should envision a potent cocktail of nutrient-rich compounds, because the health benefits of dandelion tea shouldn’t be ignored.

Native to Europe, dandelions crossed the Atlantic with European immigrants four centuries ago, and they have taken over millions of backyards since then. But this bane of many landscaper’s existences is bursting with health benefits for those enlightened enough to eat it.

In fact, dandelions were prized for their medicinal properties over a thousand years ago. Their roots and leaves contain significant amounts of vitamins and trace minerals, making them a proven way to boost your nutrient levels and restore health to your body.

Today this garden weed is getting rediscovered, and dandelion tea is fast becoming a favorite way to detoxify your body, reduce bloating and constipation, soothe an upset stomach and even lower your risk of disease.

Should you add this underrated weed to your diet? Keep reading to learn more!

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